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How come no one ever told us we’d get floppy earlobes when we got old?

Never mind the middle age spread, the sagging breasts, and the failing eyesight, how come our mothers never warned us about our earlobes?

We all expect the day to come when it’s no longer becoming or appropriate to wear a tight T shirt or skinny jeans. We know that our eyesight will gradually weaken making it almost impossible to apply eyeliner smoothly, or tweeze our eyebrows. We even expect to have the odd hair sprouting forth from our chins. These eventualities will come and we’ll dress appropriately, buy good bra’s, and see our beautician regularly so that we can still go out in public looking decent. But noone ever told us that the earrings we’d always wanted and could finally afford, would look so terrible on our mean little ears. Who’d have thought that even our earlobes would age?

Did you know that there is a remedy for this terrible affliction?

Injecting a small amount of a soft tissue filler will plump out the earlobes, making them look young and healthy. This relatively inexpensive, quick, almost painless procedure will allow you to wear whatever earrings you choose and gives your earlobes support so that they no longer droop with the weight of your jewels!

Natasha Chapman

Dr. Natasha Chapman is an Aesthetic Medical Practitioner with over 16 years of experience in the aesthetics industry. She is passionate about what she does and regularly attends advanced training courses to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the aesthetics world.