What is it?

Hair loss, in both men and women, can be unbelievably distressing.  Losing one’s hair often makes people feel less attractive and makes them appear older.  There are many different causes for hair loss, but often a causative agent can’t be determined.  In men, the most common cause is genetic.  In women, low iron levels, thyroid hormone deficiency, and menopause are often important triggers.  In both men and women, chronic stress as well as an acute stressful event can lead to hair thinning and hair loss.  Hair loss treatments are often very successful if the hair loss is recent and there are still functioning hair follicles that can be stimulated.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair loss stimulation is regarded as one of the most succesful hair loss treatments available to help stimulate the growth of new hair.  PRP contains stem cells and growth factors derived from your own plasma which help to stimulate new growth.  Cocktails of amino acids and vitamins (also known as hair filler) can also be injected to help stimulate new and thicker hair growth, and slow down hair loss.

Brand new treatment protocols are showing promising and improved results in hair loss stimulation.

What does a treatment entail ?

Multiple small injections of PRP or hair filler are injected into the scalp using minute needles.  A topical anaesthetic or anaesthetic injections may be given prior to treatment. There is very little bleeding and the patient is advised not to wash their hair until the next day.

Is there pain and downtime?

Hair filler injections are very easily tolerated and usually no anaesthetic is required.  PRP injections are a little more painful and an anaesthetic will be used if necessary.  Tiny bleeding spots may occur which may leave the odd tiny bruise, but this is usually not noticeable.  There is no downtime.

What do I need to do afterwards?

Use of a treatment shampoo and serum is recommended to achieve maximum results.  Your treating practitioner will be able to advise on the best home-care hair products for you.  An oral supplement may also be recommended.

When can I expect to see results?

Results usually take a few months to become evident.

How many treatments do I need and how often?

There are a number of clinically proven treatment regimes available.  Your doctor will discuss these with you and advise on the one that is most suitable for you.  Maintenance treatments at yearly intervals is recommended.

Stimulate new hair growth

Slow down hair loss

PRP stimulation

Improves self confidence

Feel younger

Feel more attractive

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