What are they?

PDO threads are small threads made from polydioxanone acid.  When inserted under the skin, they cause an inflammatory reaction which results in intense collagen stimulation.  This helps to increase tissue thickness and improve skin laxity in the treated area.

What conditions are they used for?

PDO threads are ideal for use in areas where the skin is lax and crepey.  Typical areas treated include cheeks, necks, upper arms, above knees, buttocks, breasts, and abdomens.  The resultant collagen stimulation in the treated area leads to an improvement in tissue quality and tightening of the skin.

All skin types can be safely treated and treatment cost is determined by the size of the area to be treated and the number and type of PDO threads used.

 What does a treatment entail?

The treatment area will be cleansed, examined, documented, and photographed.  Your doctor will choose the ideal length and type of thread according to the area being treated.  You will feel a small prick as each thread is inserted.  Typically, threads are inserted parallel to each other at 1cm intervals.  Anything from 3-50 threads may be used in a treatment.  To achieve a lift (such as in buttocks and breasts), a grid-like pattern is used.

Is there pain and downtime?

A small prick is felt with the insertion of each thread.  There may be a small amount of discomfort but most patients find the treatment very easy and rate discomfort as very mild.   A topical anaesthetic may be applied prior to treatment but most patients find that this is unnecessary.  Rarely, bruising may occur which lasts for a few days.  Usually this is just a small, pin-prick bruise at the area of thread insertion.  Some patients experience mild tenderness for a few days in the treated area.  There may be mild inflammation but this is usually not visible to anyone else.

When can I expect to see results?

Most patients can see a difference within a week of treatment.  Treatments can be repeated after a month for added results.  Final results take about 4 months to become evident.

Is there any specific aftercare?

Please do not apply makeup immediately after PDO thread insertion.  Avoid saunas and steam rooms for 24 hours.  There is no need to avoid exercise.

How long do the results last?

The amount of collagen deposition stimulated by PDO threads and duration of effect is influenced by factors such as genetics, how quickly your body breaks down collagen, previous sun damage, nutritional status, and smoking.  Typically, results last for 6-12 months after treatment.  Many patients have 2-3 treatments at monthly intervals to achieve maximum results.

Recommended Supplements:

Taking an oral collagen supplement, eg Pro-Active Collagen may help to improve results of a PDO thread treatment.  Your treating practitioner will advise on aftercare and make skincare recommendations.

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