What is it?

Microdermabrasion is gentle “abrasion” of your skin to remove the outermost, dead cell layer, revealing soft, healthy underlying skin.  Some practices use a sandpaper-like tip to do microdermabrasion which may scratch the skin and cause mild trauma.  We use special non-toxic aluminum oxide crystals which gently “sandblast” your skin, resulting in a uniform exfoliation without any side effects.  The resulting increased blood flow to the area further helps with the rejuvenating effects of a treatment.  A microdermabrasion treatment leaves your skin feeling soft and silky, and imparts a healthy, youthful glow.

What conditions is it used for?

Microdermabrasion can be used to treat any skin condition where removal of the outer layer would be beneficial.  These include dull-looking skin, dryness, enlarged pores, rough texture, fine lines and wrinkles, and active acne.

The outermost, dead cell layer acts as a barrier to penetration of skin care ingredients and removing it prior to many of our in-house treatments and facials helps us obtain maximal penetration of the active ingredients we are using to treat your specific skin concern.  The beneficial exfoliating effect lasts for 1-2 weeks, allowing increased absorption and increasing efficacy of your skin care products at home too.

We often do a microdermabrasion treatment before applying topical anaesthetic to your skin to help accelerate the numbing process, or a few days after a FRAXEL® treatment or chemical peel to remove the last of your flaking skin.

With age, cell turnover decreases and results in a build up of the outermost dead cell layer and dullness of the skin.  Regular exfoliation of this layer with microdermabrasion helps to restore a youthful, healthy glow to the skin.

What does a treatment entail?

The treatment area will be thoroughly cleansed prior to treatment.  A small handpiece is moved across your skin which “blasts” tiny crystals, removing the superficial dead cell layer.  A few passes are made in varying directions, ensuring a uniform exfoliation.  Treatment intensity can be varied according to your skin sensitivity.  Afterwards, your face will be cleansed again and skin care products and/or sunblock applied.

Is there pain and downtime?

Most people find the treatment very easy and experience no discomfort whatsoever.  There may be mild redness afterwards due to the exfoliating effect as well as increased blood flow, but this settles within a few hours.  There is no downtime after a microdermabrasion treatment.

When can I expect to see results?

Results are immediate.  Your skin will feel soft and smooth and will have a healthy glow which will last for 1-2 weeks.

How many treatments do I need and how often?

We recommend at least three treatments spaced  2-4 weeks apart.  Having more treatments at monthly intervals will likely give you even better results in the long term.  Conditions such as active acne will benefit from having an exfoliating treatment monthly to remove the dead cell layer which traps bacteria and clogs pores.  Conditions such as enlarged pores and rough skin texture tend to recur and monthly treatments are recommended to maintain good results.

Is there any specific aftercare?

Use of a mild cleanser and products which do not contain any active ingredients is recommended for the first few days after treatment.  Your treating practitioner will give you proper aftercare and skincare advice.

Treats dull, tired-looking skin

Restores youthful, healthy glow

Treats enlarged pores

Treats rough texture

Helps combat dryness

Helps combat fine lines and wrinkles

Improves bloodflow

Improves product penetration

Treats active acne

Safe for young and older skins


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