Geneway provides a series of genetic tests which are designed to:

  • Identify the genetic predisposition you have to develop certain diseases or conditions
  • Be informed what strategies you can implement that will prevent and/or reduce the risk for those risk genes identified.
  1. GENEWAY Core Screening Test – screens for 28 genes regarding the risk for overweight/obesity and common health matters (eg diabetes, heart disease, carbohydrate and/or fat sensitivity, hypertension, inflammation).
  2. GENERENEW – Anti-ageing (eg longevity, skin sensitivity, detoxification and DNA repair, collagen synthesis. Gives indication of sun sensitivity and skin care products to avoid.
  3. GENESPORT – Athletic potential. Does your athletic ability lie with power/strength (anaerobic) or endurance (aerobic) sports? Overall risk of injury and how well your body recovers after strenous exercise.  Includes nutritional, training, and exercise recommendations based on your body’s responsiveness to exercise.
  4. GENEDIET – Overweight/obesity risk. How to manage your weight, recommended diet plan based on your genes, addictive traits, “sweet tooth”, fat breakdown, exercise response during weight loss, etc.
  5. GENEWELL – Health and wellness. Pharmacogenetics (which drugs you can/can’t use) and general cancer risk based on your body’s detoxification ability and estrogen metabolism. Also diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, hypertension, bone health, lactose intolerance, caffeine sensitivity, salt sensitivity, medication metabolism, estrogen, inflammation, and stress.

GENECOMBO – Tests 2,3,4 and 5 (60 genes)