What are they?

Women’s intimate wellness encompasses a whole range of treatments  which are designed to rejuvenate and restore a women’s intimate genital region.  Age, decreasing hormone levels, and previous childbirth result in many changes in this area, including loss of volume, decreased sensation, decreased sexual satisfaction, urinary stress incontinence, and darkening of the surrounding external skin.

With the increasing prevalence of waxing and laser hair removal, and an increased openess in discussing intimate issues, women have become more aware of these changes which often affect their self confidence and intimate relations.  More and more women are looking at non-invasive ways to rejuvenate the area without resorting to surgery.

What conditions can be treated with fillers?

Loss of volume in the labia majora can be treated with soft tissue fillers.  This area tends to lose fullness as a woman ages, causing them to retract and expose more of the internal tissue.  Injecting a soft tissue filler into the labia majora increases their fullness and creates a more youthful appearance.  This procedure is very easily done and is almost completely painless.

Who is a good candidate for treatment?

Any woman who is conscious of a loss of volume in this area and would like it corrected, is a good candidate for this treatment.  An examination of the area to exclude any contra-indications to filler treatment will be done prior to treatments.

What does a treatment entail?

The area to be treated will be cleaned with a mild antiseptic solution.  The filler is injected using a cannula which allows us to fill the entire area without numerous needle pricks.

Is there pain and downtime?

This procedure is almost completely painless due to the use of ice to numb the area beforehand. and there is no pain or discomfort afterwards. 

When can I expect to see results?

Results are immediate and improve for approximately 10 days afterwards as the filler gradually draws in water.

What about confidentiality?

You can rest assured that any consultation or treatments that you have are completely confidential and carried out in a strictly professional manner.  We understand that any concerns that you may have may be embarassing to talk about, and are committed to providing you with a safe and comfortable environment where you are able to discuss these.

Used to volumise and rejuvenate the labia majora


Restores youthful appearance


Improves self confidence


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