What is it?

Coolsculpting® is a body shaping treatment (known as “fat freezing”) that uses cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells.  This freezing process causes irreversible fat cell damage and these fat cells gradually undergo apoptosis, or cell death, and are removed from the body.  Coolsculpting® is an FDA-approved body shaping treatment that has taken the world by storm and is regarded as the most effective non-surgical body shaping treatment worldwide.  Over 3,5 million treatments have been performed.

What areas can be treated? 

Coolsculpting® is ideal for treating irritating bulges in areas that are resistant to exercise.  These areas include the abdomen, love handles, bra bulges, inner thighs, saddle bags, upper arms, inner knee area, gynecomastia (“man boobs”), and a double chin.  It is a body shaping treatment, designed to improve contours and give you a better body shape.

Who is a good candidate for treatment?

Coolsculpting® is not a weight loss treatment.  The ideal candidate is within 5kg of their recommended body weight but has resistant fat bulges that won’t disappear with exercise.  It is a safe and recognised treatment that is suitable for all skin types.

What does a treatment entail?

At your initial consultation, your treating practitioner will assess you and advise on what areas can be treated and give you a quotation.

On the day of treatment, you will be photographed, weighed, and measurements will be taken.  The treatment area will be marked in pen and a protective gel pad applied.  A Coolsculpting® handpiece will be attached to the area, creating an intense suction as your fat bulge is sucked up between two cooling electrodes. You will then be made comfortable and the cooling mechanism will be switched on.  The first few minutes are mildly uncomfortable but soon settles as the area becomes numb.  Most patients read, work on their laptops, or fall asleep during their treatment.

After an hour of treatment, your practitioner will remove the handpiece, leaving behind a semi-frozen mass of fatty tissue.  A vigorous massage helps to further break down fat cells and restores your tissue to normal temperature.  This is often uncomfortable, but only lasts a few minutes.  Each area takes 1 hour to treat.

Is there pain and downtime?

There may be mild discomfort in the days following your treatment but most people experience no downtime whatsoever and return to normal activities, including gym, immediately.  Rarely, mild bruising, or mild swelling or abdominal bloating will occur and some people experience loose stools as fatty acids are released into their system.  A small percentage of patients develop moderate to severe discomfort, especially if multiple areas have been treated, but this usually responds well to analgesics that can be prescribed by your treating doctor.

What do I need to do afterwards?

You need to follow a low fat diet for 2 months, drink at least 2 liters of water daily, and do at least three sessions of mild cardiovascular exercise a week to ensure optimal results.  We ask that you maintain your weight as it is not possible to assess results if you have put on weight after treatment.

When can I expect to see results?

We usually see our patients 4 weeks after a treatment for a “touch base” follow up.  At this stage, you may be just starting to see a result.  At 8 weeks, we usually see our patients for a final follow-up where photographs and measurements are taken.  At this stage, you should have 90% of your final result, with the last 10% occurring over the next 4 weeks.  Rarely, we have patients who are slow responders and they are seen again at 12 weeks.

You can expect to lose between 20-30% of the fat in the areas treated.

How many treatments do I need and how often?

Most people need one treatment but some may require more to get the result they desire. If you are undergoing a “treatment to transformation” process, you may be prescibed multiple treatments in a systematic fashion to transform your body.  Your practitioner will advise on the best treatment plan for you.

Non-surgical body shaping treatment

Most populal non-invasive body shaping procedure worldwide

Tummy bulges

Love handles

Bra Bulges

Inner thighs

Saddle bags

Inner knees

Upper arms

Gynecomastia (man boobs)

Double chins

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